stop refresh from opening old news

  • Rodney D. Myers

    Rodney D. Myers - 2007-01-10

    How do I stop/hide/block feeds from calling day olde or longer news as NEW?

    I want to see news/info from today, not yesterday or 2 weeks ago.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Okay, no single delete feature and there is the aggravating reloading of old articles. Thanks for letting me know before I fell in love with this program the way I did with Snarfer before I realized that it kept reloading the same old feeds over and over again!

    • Anonymous - 2007-01-11

      This is not supported in RSSOwl yet, but will be in the next major release.

    • Rodney D. Myers

      Rodney D. Myers - 2007-01-11



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