Portable-RSSOwl ?

  • Xavier Robin

    Xavier Robin - 2004-12-14

    Is it possible to put RSSOwl on a portable device (eg an USB key) to always have it with oneself ?

    This would mean to move the .rssowl profile folder on the key...

    Is it already possible or should I post a RFE ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      For Sun JRE (sorry, I have no information for other JREs) it's handy use .vmoptions file as common way to make any java app portable:


      (For example, currently I'm using this for Azureus.)

    • Anonymous - 2004-12-14

      Hi Xavier,

      with RSSOwl 1.0 RC1 its possible to specify the profile. Using the rssowl.exe on Windows, use the "-profile <directory>" parameter, where <directory> points to an existing directory in where the ".rssowl" folder will be created. Launching RSSOwl via java.exe, please use "-Duser.home=<directory>".

      You should find this info in the FAQ (Help > FAQ).


    • Xavier Robin

      Xavier Robin - 2004-12-16

      I can't manage to make it work.

      I have a made a .bat file with the following code :

      Start javaw.exe -Duser.home=....\Profils\ -Djava.library.path=. -jar rssowl.jar

      The .bat is placed in the same directory than the rssowl.jar file, but I get a message saying that rssowl.jar cannot be found... what am I doing wrong ?

      The program is located on X:\Programmes\Rssowl\ and the profile should be on X:\Profils.rssowl .

      Thanks ;-)

      • Anonymous - 2004-12-16

        Hm, what about removing the -Duser.home line from the batch file and run it. Same problem?

        • Xavier Robin

          Xavier Robin - 2004-12-16

          I tried the following :
          Start javaw.exe -Duser.home=....\Profils\ -Djava.library.path=. -jar X:\Programmes\RSSOwl\rssowl.jar

          It launched RSSOwl, but I think it used the default profile. I'll try tomorrow on another computer. Thanks.

          • Anonymous - 2004-12-16

            Hm, you should probably try the rssowl.exe like that:

            rssowl -profile ../../Profils

            That is working on my system.


            • Nobody/Anonymous

              Would someone post the detailed instructions on how to run RSSOwl from a USB for a neophite to follow.

          • Nobody/Anonymous

            This code worked :
            Start javaw.exe -Duser.home=....\Profils\ -Djava.library.path=. -jar X:\Programmes\RSSOwl\rssowl.jar

            But it take a very long time to close.
            I'll try the code with the exe file.

            Thanks :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      HI, the link http://www.quate.net/newsnet/read.php?id=32 only downloads a 1 KB file with mo ending ?


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