Change text encoding in reader?

  • Marco Ragogna

    Marco Ragogna - 2007-07-12

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to change the text encoding of the RSS reader. I am asking this because I have problems with many italian blog feeds where the characters Á,É,á,ó, etc. are used. In those cases the reader displays wrong characters as, for example,

    Mah...chi vivrà , vedrà !!!

    it should be

    Mah...chi vivrà, vedrà !!!

    Thanks in advance for the support that you can give me

    • Anonymous - 2007-07-26

      Are you using rssowl1? Its supported. Just check the Font settings in preferences.

    • Marco Ragogna

      Marco Ragogna - 2007-08-08

      I found the option, but it seems that is not working. I tried to change all encoding types, one by one, but the result is always the same. Do you have any other suggestions?

      • Anonymous - 2007-08-08

        Btw if the feeds are using a proper encoding I dont think RSSOwl would have any problems displaying them. Please post a couple of feeds where you see this problem. Are you using RSSOwl 2 btw?


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