Menus not working in Ubuntu 13.10 64 Bit

  • d2the3

    d2the3 - 2013-10-26

    Recently, Ubuntu upgraded to 13.10. An installation of RSSOwl 2.2 that was working good on an old 2005 32 bit PC suddenly had a problem: menus will not open. This week, I built a brand new 64 bit PC with fresh install of everything. Same problem: menus do not open. Menu titles are visible, but clicking any menu title (e.g. Tools, News, etc) just makes the color of the feeds window flip back and forth from white to orange. All I did to install RSSOwl was download the folder from RSSOwl website, extract, move everything to usr/share, and double click the executable to run it. I am a beginner user. Thanks.

    • alexey_l

      alexey_l - 2013-10-26

      I just observed the same problem on my Ubuntu 13.10 32 bit. Only a little bar is visible instead of pull-down menu. I've re-installed my RSSOwl 2.2 too, but nothing changed.
      But I found that menu is accessible when you press a hotkey, not click menu by mouse. So, if you press "Alt+F" you will get to the "File" menu. I also found that if you navigate then through the menu using left/right arrow keys "File"-"Edit"-"View"-"Go"-... RSSOwl closes unexpectedly.

      Last edit: alexey_l 2013-10-26
      • Anonymous - 2013-11-10

        Me too (Ubuntu 13.10, 32bit)

        • Anonymous - 2013-11-10

          No more access through the menu with the mouse, but you can select the menu with ALT-xxx and Arrow key. If you scroll to the end, however, crashes RSSOwl.

  • d2the3

    d2the3 - 2013-10-27

    Alexey_l, I just tried the steps you described. RSSOwl crashed out, and I got a crash report-type dialog box from Ubuntu.


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