Coque - 2013-01-01


I've used rssowl for about three years without problem and a problem has
started to appear from 15 days ago. I used to share links in mail and
external navigator, but now when I share Mail rssowl generates error messages like this:

No se pudo mostrar

Error: Error al conseguir información para el archivo
Nombre de archivo demasiado largo
Seleccione otro visor e inténtelo de nuevo..

In english:
Can't show "/usr/lib/rssowl/mailto:?body...on-esto-sentildeores&subject=".

Error: Error when I get information about the file
File name too long
Select another visor and try it again..

And then it's opened the file manager. The similar problem appears when
I try to open one news on external navigator, but if I try to share in
facebook, this works fine.

I recently updated Ubuntu to 12.10 version before the problem appeared,
but on the firsts days with this new version, Rssowl worked fine.

I used rssowl 2.1.4 and I updated to 2.1.6 to try to resolv the problem,
but the problem exits still in 2.1.6.

Please, could you help me to resolv this problem?

Thank you very much and happy new year!!!