• Nobody/Anonymous

    I cannot make RSSOWL "remember" my login data or state for some sites. It makes me sign in EVERYTIME even if I have set IE to accept cookies for the website, etc.
    Is it me (in which case how do I resolve this?) or is it a known bug?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks. I don't think it is the right bug however, but no matter. The problem is that this issue makes RSSOwl almost un-usable for me--in my particular case--as everytime I want to see details for the feed items, I have to sign in. A major nuisance..... It's too bad as version 2.0 had really improved the product, but IMO, it has now taken a step backwards with this problem.
      If anyone has suggestions on how to fix, let me know. Thanks.

      • Anonymous - 2007-03-30

        Ok, lets proceed with the discussion at

        Please file a bug there with your details included. Thanks!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ok, will do, Ben. Thanks.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I forgot to mention I am using version 2.0 Milestone 5 on Win XP HE

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think this is a bug in Eclipse (see

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      bug 83420 referred to above is "not a valid bug number"....


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