Resizing internal browser display

  • Dash

    Dash - 2004-11-15

    Is there a way to make the internal browser display a webpage in a resizable separate window if desired? Rather like what happens when "Tutorial" is clicked on the Help menu? (I know there's a preference setting for using an external browser instead, but I'm thinking of occasional expansion of the internal tabbed pages, presumably from a button on the browser pane's toolbar or status bar.)

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-11-15

      Well the Tutorial is an exception to the other internal browser that is opening inside a Tab in the Tabfolder.

      So you are talking of a small button in the browser's toolbar to open the same page inside the window that is showing the Tutorial?

      Would'nt it be then better to have the external browser opening when pressing that button?

      Please open a feature request on this task to discuss.


    • Dash

      Dash - 2004-11-15

      Ben - I only mentioned the Tutorial window because it illustrates that the output of RSSOwl's built-in browser doesn't have to be confined to its viewing pane. As you suggest, an "Open in new window" button might do as well, or better, to launch the external browser.

      I've made this a feature request, as you recommend.



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