Java.lang.ClassCastException error

  • Howard Neil

    Howard Neil - 2012-10-26


    Yesterday got the following error message:-

    An error has occurred. See error log for more details.
    org.rssowl.core.internal.persist.Attachment cannot be cast to org.rssowl.core.persist.IFolderChild

    I am unable to see any news feeds and "Could not create the view: An unexpected exception was thrown." is shown.

    Help, please.

    Howard Neil

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-10-29

    can you please export a log file (see and attach it to your post?

  • Howard Neil

    Howard Neil - 2012-10-31

    Log file attached, as requested.

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-11-01

    try running RSSOwl with this command from terminal:

    RSSOwl -vmargs -Drssowl.reindex=true -Xmx1024m

    Seems like your database has some problems to be fixed. Also try to run the cleanup wizard from menu↦Tools

  • Howard Neil

    Howard Neil - 2012-11-02

    Hi genodeftest,

    Thank you for your help, Owl is now back up and running. I had already tried the cleanup wizard with no success, so I went straight for the command from a terminal. At first it seemed to fail but then gave me the option to recover from a recent backup. That worked perfectly and it is now working correctly.

    Just one final question. Where are the backups stored, please? I cannot see any options in any of the settings and cannot find them in Windows Explorer. It seems that the quickest way to recover the program, should this happen again, would be to simply recover the latest backup.

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-11-02

    RSSOwl's application data folder can be found:

    Windows 7: C:/Users/<>/.rssowl2
    Windows Vista: C:/Users/<>/.rssowl2
    Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/<>/.rssowl2
    Linux: <home.dir>/.rssowl2
    Mac: <home.dir>/.rssowl2

    Then go to .metadata/plugins/org.rssowl.core. This folder contains the database (rssowl.db) plus some backups with names starting with rssowl.db.

  • Howard Neil

    Howard Neil - 2012-11-02

    Thank you very much. No wonder I couldn't find it. I have noted it for the moment but it could be worthwhile providing a link to the backups in the menu, next time there is an update to RSSOwl.


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