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Ozer Tayiz
  • Ozer Tayiz

    Ozer Tayiz - 2005-04-08


    I want to customize and distribute rssowl program to my customers, so that when they install RSSOWL, they are automatically subscribed to my RSS feed, so that I can contact them regularly. I also want to be able to customise the look/feel to make it fit my web site.

    I'm a non-programmer, however, I think i could pull it off. I guess it'll be as easy as "This is the configuration, and that is the skin/theme file, make sure that they are included in your customised distributions of RSSOwl.".

    Or is it? Could you help, please?


    Ozer Tayiz.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      RSSOwl is unfortunately not offering any theme mechanism. So changing the look and feel will require some programming skills in this sector.

      The list of newsfeeds however can be easily modified. Have a look in the "rssowl.jar" inside the "usr" directory. There the default "user.xml" is placed that will be used on initial start of RSSOwl. It contains the list of sample newsfeeds. Just modify that file with your feeds. But make sure to keep the JAR-Archive-Format.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Can we change the name like, MyFeed Reader-Powered by RSSOWL and redistribute it?

      • Anonymous - 2006-12-23

        Yes theoretically this is possible from the license RSSOwl is using. However we strongly recommend making it clear to the user that RSSOwl is the technology used (easier to get support, updates and faq when users know about the reader being RSSOwl...).

        Please drop me a mail once with some more information about the redistribution and we can talk about it in more detail.



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