Mad Kao - 2013-02-13

Thanks for the great product. I have been using this program all the time. But there are some tiny glitch I’d like to report since new update 2.1.6 doesn’t fix it.


When I set key bindings like this, just like the default setting in Goolge Reader,

“J, K”
“M, S, V, Shift + V”

and switch to “Headlings” View mode,

“J, K” are working fine in this Headline Mode as in the Classic View mode, but “M, S, V, Shift + V” are totally not working here while they are totally working in Classci View mode.

I wonder if change the Scheme from "Default" to "RSSOWl keys",
Or change from “ in Windows” to “in RSSOwl”
But none of above solve the problem.

Could it possible that make “M, S, V, Shift + V” working in Headline mode, please.