Reoccurring internal error.

  • Anonymous - 2012-08-27

    Hello, I don't know anything about programming, except batch files (I
    understand this isn't really programming). Just a fair warning. Anyway I set
    up RSSOwl for my father, it's an excellent RSS reader except that it keeps
    breaking itself. He uses it for finding deals on a site called UsedVictoria,
    this is time sensitive so if it stops working we can miss out. The feeds are
    set to update ever minute and there is a maximum of 50 feeds. However, for no
    reason, after some days of operation this error always shows itself: "An
    internal error occurred during: "", uncaught exception. d4boengine closed".
    The problem is this error sometimes doesn't display and in order to make it
    display I must first click one of the feeds. This is a problem because it
    means we can never be sure the program is still working properly in the
    background. Sometimes we'll notice that there have been no updates for hours,
    with no error message displayed. Quitting and reopening doesn't fix it.
    Limiting the number of feeds displayed doesn't either.

    Now if I go to Tools/Cleanup and run the optimizations it fixes this error,
    that or moving to a backup of the old index file. Is there any way to:

    A: Prevent this error from reoccurring.

    B: Create a bat file that auto runs the clean command (I could set it on a
    schedule). I have tried the -clean command to no avail.

    Could anyone provide any insight?

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-08-27


    starting RSSOwl with

    -vmargs -Drssowl.reindex=true -Xmx1024m

    command line parameters reindexes (and thus tries to fix) the database. This
    functionality is part of the "Tools | Clean Up" feature.

    For fixing your problem:

    1. updating 50 feeds per minute could be problematic since your connection may be slow (or even time out) and parsing the feeds may take a while. Can you please check how long RSSOwl takes to retrieve the feeds by counting (seconds) while RSSOwl shows progress in the status bar (right, bottom) after clicking "refresh all" or pressing 'CTRL+Shift+U'. Increasing the refresh interval may fix your problem since RSSOwl may be too busy downloading if your network or the feed providers have a high latency. But since this is some kind of auction/selling portal, you may really want to update every minute. Try it as a temporary fix.
    2. for more info I need to see your log file, see for how to find out. Send it to dev {at} genodeftest de or paste it somewhere e.g. on pastebin. It is human-readable and provides some system info, timestamps, debug info and your username.
  • Anonymous - 2012-08-28

    Hi Genodeftest,

    Thanks for the command line argument!!! That's exactly what I was searching
    for. I'll make a bat file with the following:

    taskkill rssowl.exe
    cd C:\Program Files\RSSOwl
    start rssowl.exe -vmargs -Drssowl.reindex=true -Xmx1024m

    And set it to run every few hours to make sure everything is tidied up.

    Oh and sorry for the confusion. I'm actually not updating 50 feeds, rather
    maybe about 12-15. What I meant was the maximum number of news to keep is set
    to 50 (I hoped this setting would help with the problem). Do you think this
    setting is necessary or can I safely set it to a higher number? Oh and RSSowl
    only takes about 4 seconds to update all the feeds.

    About the log file, I'll wait til the error presents itself again, otherwise
    you may have to sift through a lot of data. Since it happened a few days ago
    Im not sure if the info in the log file would still be there (would it?)

    Anyway thanks so much Genodeftest, that command run periodically may very well
    be the solution to our problem, although its more of a quick fix than finding
    the root cause.

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-08-28

    reading this log file is not that complicated… ;)

    The size is limited to ~1MB so it may date back one week or one year depending

    a) how much RSSOwl is used

    b) how much errors/debug messages are produced.

    50 news (to keep) is no problem. Some users reported their database grow up to
    2GB which is at least a million news…

    Depending on your network latency and transfer rate 12 to 15 feeds updated per
    minute may be too much. But that's really just a guess, I don't know for sure
    if it could have caused the error without reading the log file.

  • Anonymous - 2012-08-28


    I uploaded to zerobin since pastebin had a 500kb limit. Hope it still works :)
    I see the error in the log file which is good, numerous times actually.

    !MESSAGE An internal error occurred during: ""
    • I think also shows up sometimes and may be related.

    So do you think it would be alright if I bumped the limit of news to keep to
    say 100-150?

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-08-29


    150 news to keep is no problem to RSSOwl. Keep 100 000 news if you want.

    There are two types of stack traces in your log file:

    1. The first ~44 stack traces are database-related (RSSOwl's database is db4o) and seem to be caused in a random I/O error. They occurred on 2012-08-23 from 12:12 over several RSSOwl restarts until you ran Clean-Up. If you give me the next log file (named .bak_0.log, see how to find it in RSSOwl's appliation data folder), I may be able to find the cause.
    2. starting with line 12185 in that log file there were some Bookmark-related Exceptions. I guess (but don't know for sure) they are related to the database problems
      And 2 other Exceptions I don't understand.
  • Anonymous - 2012-08-29

    Hi, thanks.

    I got the error again, and the cleanup didn't fix it this time. Had to do the
    manual restore to a backup of the index. I can turn this into a bat file, but
    I can't automate it. Is there anyway to make RSSOwl do hourly backups? I guess
    I could make a bat for that but if the application had the feature built in
    somewhere that would be helpful.

    Thanks for your help and time.

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-08-29

    Sorry, if you need to make backups hourly there is something terribly wrong.
    Some possible causes:

    1. just a singular, unique I/O error (impossible to detect) – if you do not keep much articles, try reinstalling RSSOwl and try using a new application data folder (export your feeds and settings; quit RSSOwl; rename the application data folder; start RSSOwl; import feeds and settings)
    2. RAM corruption, try memtest86+:
    3. Hard disk failure, try some tool able to read S.M.A.R.T. data, e.g. CrystalDiskInfo from or DiskSmartView from See for more info on S.M.A.R.T.
    4. An error in some rarely used part of RSSOwl (will look this up when 1. to 3. are proven wrong)
      more rare causes:

    5. some sofware is defect (applications would crash – check by reinstalling e.g. RSSOwl or Windows)

    6. some other hardware is defect (hard to detect – should cause errors in other applications too)

    Please report wether some of 1.-3. worked.

  • Dylan

    Dylan - 2012-09-01

    Hi, it's me (Sourceforge made me create a new account before I could post).

    1. I tried creating a new application folder and reimporting the feeds/settings. The feeds stopped updating again after a few hours until I ran the clean up tool.

    I'm thinking it may be two separate errors. One which produces the error message and requires me to move to a backup of the index, and another which makes the feeds stop updating without warning and requires me to run the cleanup tool.

    (2). I'll have to get back to you on this, the computer is in use most of the time. If it were memory related, it would likely be causing troubles elsewhere, but everything else seems stable.

    (3). I ran CrystalDisk info: Under "Reallocated Sectors count" it has a caution signal. The current is 199, the worst is 199, and the threshold is 140. I don't know what any of this means, but it's only a caution so Im guessing it's nothing catastrophic.


    (5). Windows is a fresh install. RSSOwl never crashes, it just stops working. As in the app never closes itself. I could try reinstalling if you think it's necessary.

    (6). No errors in other apps.

    Last edit: Dylan 2012-09-02
  • Dylan

    Dylan - 2012-09-02

    So far the index error hasn't reappeared, but I'm not confident it's gone. I did reinstall the program and created a new application folder. However one of the two errors still keeps cropping up, the one that stops RSSOwl from updating without warning until I run the cleanup tool. I ran Memtest within windows (not memtest86) and there were no errors. I don't know if it will be possible to run Memtest86 since the computer is in use all the time.

    I'll see if there's someway I could run Memtest.

    Right now I have the cleanup running every hour to hopefully fix one of the problems. I'll let you know if the index issue crops up.

    Last edit: Dylan 2012-09-02
  • Dylan

    Dylan - 2012-10-07

    Well the errors seemed to have slowed down, the only thing is I have to run the cleanup every once in awhile when the program stops working. Im not sure what changed, maybe it was the reinstall?


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