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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi everyone-

    I just downloaded RSSOwl to read my LJ friends-locked posts. Unfortunately, RSSOwl doesn't prompt me for a username and password when it attempts to connect, it just displays the HTTP 401 Authentication Required error message. If I open the feed in the internal browser, an authentication window opens up and I can view the XML of the feed. I am using LJ's digest authentication scheme, i.e. the URL looks like:

    If I use basic or ntlm I can read the feed, but it doesn't show the locked posts.

    I'm running RSSOwl 1.2.1 on WinXP, and I am behind a proxy if that makes a difference. I have multiple JREs installed, thought JAVA_HOME points to Java 5.

    Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    • Anonymous - 2006-06-10

      This could be a bug in HttpClient that was recently fixed. RSSOwl is using HttpClient for connections.


      Once HttpClient 3.1 is out, RSSOwl will use it.


    • Anonymous - 2006-06-06

      Could you clarify what you mean with:

      "If I use basic or ntlm I can read the feed, but it doesn't show the locked posts. "

      The proxy could be a problem here. Do you have a chance to test a direct connection w/o proxy?


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      To clarify, if I replace auth=digest with auth=basic, I do not get the 401 authentication required message. The feed displays normally, and I can read posts that are not locked. Locked posts do not show up at all (so if I log into LJ directly, find a locked post, and then look for that post in RSSOwl, it just isn't there).

      While it is not the prefered authentication method, I have also tried prepending my username and password to the url for basic authentication with no success, i.e:

      I'll try using a different computer that isn't behind the proxy, but it won't be an exact comparison (still WinXP, but network environment is very different). I'll try to report back soon with those results.

      Thanks for the response!


      • Anonymous - 2006-06-08

        What kind of proxy server is it you are using?

        Starting RSSOwl in Debug mode will fill a log on the Connection. Please start RSSOwl like that:

        java -Dnet.sourceforge.rssowl.debug -Djava.library.path=. -jar rssowl.jar

        A log file called "debug.log" is then filling the logs-directory of your profile in "C:/Documents and Settings/"

        Please send the log to me.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ben and others who might be interested-

      Just tested with a direct connection (no proxy) and everything works fine. RSSOwl asks for authentication and once logged in I can read locked posts with no problems.

      So could this be a configuration problem on my machine, or is probably a proxy problem (which I have no control over)?



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