yaantc - 2013-06-11

Hi (& thanks for RSSOwl).

I recently stumbled on a bug when using the feed from Hacker News (http://news.ycombinator.com/rss). The feed contains only a title, pointing to an article somewhere on the Internet, and a single content URL called "comments" that points to Hacker News comments on the article.

When I click on the "comments" link, which used to work fine, it now fails to open in my external web browser. Putting the mouse over the link in RSSOwl shows additional spaces making the link invalid. For example, a link is seen as RSSOwl as:

https:/ / news.ycombinator.com/ item?id=1234567

instead of:


feedvalidator.org indicates that the feed is correct (and no problem with Firefox built-in RSS reader either). When I looked inside the feed I noticed that instead of using the slash character "/" in the links HN uses the entity "/" instead. This apply to both the title and the comment URLs. RSSOwl still parses correctly the title (click opens web browser just fine), but adds the extra spaces after each slash for the comment URL.

Problem seen with version 2.2.