RSSOwl stopped working properly

  • cebalraj

    cebalraj - 2013-05-04

    Hello all,

    I've been using the programme for at least a year now. Very helpful, all worked fine until a few days ago.
    I use the standard classical layout. When I click through the list of feed titles (or meore precisely move from one to another with the arrow keys) in the top pane, normally the feed contents is displayed in the bottom pane. This stopped working. I can click 3 or 4 times (sometimes more), after that the articles aren't displayed any more. Instead the (windows) loading icon appears ... but doesn't stop to show up. Changing the feed in the tree view on the left doesn't help either. So it's not possible to follow any news. I'm on a windows7 32bit machine, have about 150 feeds or so. No addons installed, no sync with google or similar. Tried a complete new install, loaded a few of the suggested feeds from that new installation ... it didn't help. Prior to this event there was no update. I clean up the database regularly. I tried the newest version though ... no change in behaviour.

    Has anyone else come across such a behaviour and can help?
    Thanks a lot

  • Akshat

    Akshat - 2013-06-29

    Everytime when i try and launch RSSOwl it stops in stops at the start.
    Kindly help me with the issue as earlier it was working fine

    attached is the error log


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