trouble with feed refreshing

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    when i manually refresh or aggregate all feeds 70 to 90% of them don't get refreshed (showing the red lens), when refreshing them all at startup it works somewhat better but still most of them don't get refreshed. the odd thing is that as soon as i manually refresh every single one it works perfectly. though it sucks when you have to go through a lot of feeds..
    oh and by the way: it would be nice to add an option similar to the refresh settings for new favorites, but for current favorites since changing them all manually sucks too ;)
    [using RSSOwl/1.1.3 2005-07-17 (Windows; U; de) on xp sp2]

    • Anonymous - 2005-09-26

      Please aggregate all favorites at once, then you will get the error message for each feed that is not loading inside the newstable. Would be interesting to know, what the error message is telling us.

      Please also have a look in the Connection preferences. Minimize the number of parallel connections to a value like 4 or even 1. Is it then working?


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        the error was something about a file not being found at the given url.
        i'm now trying with less connections (10 instead of 32), will let you know if that works better.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        with 10 parallel connections it got a little better, but the majority of the feeds is still broken. my next tries will be with 4 and 1 parallel connection(s).

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        i still had troubles with 4 parallel connections, now i'm down to 1 and it works. the only downside is that it's really slow..

        • Anonymous - 2005-09-29

          Are you using a proxy server? Maybe your router is having problems allowing more than once connection at the same time?



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