Error Message: "Cannot load class sun..."

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Everytime I go to ABC News' feeds, the following "fatal java error" pops up, freezing up my system:

    "Cannot load class sun/plugin/JavaRunTime/

    The Bridge was installed at <c:\progra~1\Java\JRE15~1.0_0> but the class is not there
    Modify the registry key to reflect the new bridge location
    The key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Plug-i
    or change your CLASSPATH to include the new directory

    Please consult the documentation for more information."

    I tried reinstalling JRE and RSSOwl, with no results. That's about the limit of my technical abilities.

    XP Pro
    Firefox 1.04

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Could it be that you are opening ABC News with the internal Browser which then loads an Java Applet?


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Hi people, I am from Brazil and I have the same problem. The same message.

        I updated my java, the message continues... It occurs occasionally.

        If you find the fix, e-mail me please:


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yeah, I'm fairly sure that's what's hapenning. Is there a workaround, hack, or similar? It happens ocassionally on Reuters and the Washington Post, but all the time on ABC News. It really limits my ability to use the reader...

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Hm, if you are not using Java at all in your browser you could disable it in Browser preferences. But you have to do that outside RSSOwl, in your browser application.

        Alternatively, maybe an update to the Java Plugin is available for your browser?



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