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  • Lozzy

    Lozzy - 2011-09-05

    I started using RSSOwl after searching for an alternative to Google Reader. I
    foolishly chose to synchronize with Google Reader, assuming that it would be
    trivial to disable the synchronization later.

    After using RSSOwl for a while and confirming that it was the right choice I
    went looking for a way to untether it from GR. The only think I found I could
    do was to delete my password. That only served to prove the extent of GR's
    integration due to RO feeling the need to connect to GR every few minutes (as
    shown by the password prompt).

    This is definitely not the state I want to be in. Is there any steps I can
    take to rid my profile of GR integration? Exporting & importing via OPML
    didn't seem to help towards that goal. Worst case scenario, I can always make
    a record of all my feed addresses and news filters and make a new profile from
    scratch. I'm much prefer not to have to do that though, since I'll lose all my
    history, current items and news bin contents. Is there perhaps any files in my
    profile folder that I can edit to make this happen?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-09-05

    This is not easily possible without loosing downloaded news. You can export to
    OPML and find/replace all occurances of "reader://" and replace with "http://"
    and then import back into a fresh RSSOwl. You could also create news bins to
    copy over any downloaded news to keep them like a backup, then delete all
    feeds and import your modified OPML back into.

  • Lozzy

    Lozzy - 2011-09-08

    It worked, I like it!

    I did actually set up news bins previously, and they were the main reason I
    didn't want to make a fresh profile.

    I had also taken the step of individually deleting all the feeds I had
    imported from Google Reader and replacing them with the direct feeds.

    I thought I would try what you suggested and remove all items (bar my news
    bins) and replace "reader://" with "http://", yet there wasn't even an
    instance of the plain word "reader" in my OPML. So I assumed that importing
    the OPML at that point would be futile, but for whatever reason it worked. I
    can only assume that one of my folders themselves still had some connection to
    Google Reader or some other strange reason.

    Regardless, it worked, thank you very much!

  • shyna sinclair

    shyna sinclair - 2012-02-04

    i installed this app so i could have a way to read rss feeds not using google
    as im trying to scrub google out of my life...

    i synced it once with google and nothing will make it go away now.

    ..i took the steps above and it did not work for me. ive also tried un/re
    installing. i really love this prog but google is driving me crazy..

    thanks for your time.

  • shyna sinclair

    shyna sinclair - 2012-02-04

    ok i uninstalled and dleted all rss files/folders and reg entries/reinstalled
    and did NOT sync with google.

    i imported the file i had saved and it works great now.

    thanks so much for helping me kick my google habit :P

  • Melpomene

    Melpomene - 2013-03-24

    I had same problem as OP.
    First I exported everything, then did a seach and replace in the file s/reader/http.
    Also needed to 'rm -rf ~/.rssowl2' to get rid of old settings.
    Then I imported everything again and it seems to be working just dandy.


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