"Clean-Up" profile corruption

  • nick normal

    nick normal - 2013-10-26

    Today I went to "Clean-Up" my feeds. It ran, wanted to delete 57 feeds. Then RSSOwl wanted to restart.

    Upon restart, it kept crashing (during the "search index" restore bar I believe). So I restarted my PC and launched RSSOwl, said it wanted to "import" everything to a new "profile".

    Now, ALL my sticky news is gone.

    How do I reinstall my previous profile, or at the very least recover my sticky news?

    Thank you.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-05-24

    if you had a ghost image or similar... the data files are stored in user data user .rssowl2 and could restore that from backup.. I dont think clean up creates a backup
    or undo (really it should :). it does remind you about deleting feeds it cant be undone in 2.2.1 though.. I now untick all that in the clean up and just use it to rebuild and improve search speeds part of it.

    also if you did a export feeda and prefs before the cleanup you could delete all and reimport all feeds again using it.. but it wont restore the items in the feeds
    only the feeds and labels and layouts.


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