Cascaded Searches, or How do I Manage Changes to Multiple Saved Searches Efficiently?

Ron Todd
  • Ron Todd

    Ron Todd - 2013-06-14

    I have a large (~100) list of keywords I use in many (>100) saved searches, and I want to modify the keyword list without having to individually modify each saved search that uses the list. These saved searches look for the occurrence of any of the keywords in the list in different subsets of the feeds I subscribe to.

    If tried to cascade searches, but this wasn’t allowed (saved searches don’t show up as a choice for “Search in:”). If it were allowed, I would have solved my problem as follows:

    1. Create a Saved Search of All News containing any of my keywords. When I want to modify the keyword list, I just do so here (in one place).
    2. Create multiple Saved Searches using the result of step 1, searching on “Location is” to pick the subset that is from the feed or feed folder of interest

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • Ron Todd

    Ron Todd - 2013-06-18

    The "Quick Search" capability (in the Classic/Widescreen/List/Newspaper/Headlines window) does a little of what I want, in that it will let me search the result of Saved Searches (or even a folder containing multiple Saved Searches). However, it has its limitations for my application:

    1. I cannot name and save Quick Searches
    2. The search is limited to the logical AND (“contains”, versus “contains any of”) of all conditions that were entered on the search line
    3. I cannot search for the logical OR (“contains any of”) of text as one condition and the feed coming from a specified location (folder or feed) as another condition

    I see that I can direct a Saved Search to work from a folder that contains other Saved Searches, but the new Saved Search ignores the prior Saved Searches in that folder. In fact, if I select a folder which just contains a Saved Search, and click on the “Quick Search” pull-down in the Classic/Widescreen/List/Newspaper/Headlines window, I get the option to “Save as Search”. Here I can even define complex ANDing and ORing of search conditions, ask it to look in a specified location, etc.; but, alas, the search always returns no results. So this looks like it should work, but it does not.

    Has anyone found another way to efficiently manage changes to keyword lists that are reused in multiple Saved Searches? If so, I would like to hear from you. Thanks.


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