RSSOwl does not remenber Read/Unread status

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    RSSOWL 1.2.2 Win32

    I subscribe to various rss feeds from one website. The feeds come from custom searches e.g. one search location criteria is "New York" and other is "USA".
    Of course, if one looks for "oranges" in New York in one feed and "oranges" in the USA in another feed, there is bound to be some duplicate links--redundancy; unavoidable.
    HOWEVER, RSSOWL does NOT understand when I have visited an "orange" link in the NY feed that it is the SAME link in the USA feed. Using SAGE newsreader extension in Firefox, this never happens as it recognizes that I have already visited the underlying url for the link in the NY feed which is the same as the underlying url in the USA feed. THus the link appears as "Read" in SAGE as opposed to "Unread" in RSSOWl.
    THUS, I cannot distinguish that I have already visited the url and it doubles my time spent on links I've already seen.
    Can you comment please? I really would like this resolved--the internal browser--since it uses explorer as its backbone should be able to refer to the "history" and "see" that the link is already read, etc.....
    Thanks a lot for letting me know.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks Ben. I think this is very important and IMHO will move RSSOwl into a higher level as fas ar useability is concerned.
      Can't wait for the feature. Keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous - 2006-11-27

      This will be implemented in the next major version of RSSOwl (2.x). We are not sure yet about a release-date, but it will be sometime next year.



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