RSSOWL not starting up???????

  • Rambha

    Rambha - 2005-01-20

    Pl help. I have installed RSSOWL but it is not starting at all. There is no sign of any process started in the task manager. Java is already installed and working. Something wrong with installation but what?

    PL tell me.


    • Benjamin Pasero

      Benjamin Pasero - 2005-01-20

      What OS are you running?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      same prob. Installing this is not easy. I keep getting the "Cannot start" error.
      I have Java 1.5 and the JAVA_HOME is set correctly and the dll is in all 3 folders mentioned.

      SWT #$@$%$#

    • bugmenot

      bugmenot - 2005-01-28

      Limewire works perfectly out of the box.

    • Benjamin Pasero

      Benjamin Pasero - 2005-01-28

      In order to help I need detailed information about OS, Java Version and console/error/log output. Please provide it.

      Also note that RSSOwl is not compiling vs. java 1.5 due to a bug. That will be fixed in RSSOwl 1.1.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm also experiencing the problem described by the original poster. When I start RSSOwl, nothing seems to happen. No splash screen, no processes listed in Windows Task Manager (or at least not that I can tell to be from RSSOwl, but I don't really know what I am looking for).

      OS: Windows 2000

      Java Verson: I'm a Java noob, so am not really sure how to determine this. I'm going to say 1.3 but only because there is a program item that says Java 2 Runtime Envrionment that opens the file file:///C:/Program%20Files/JavaSoft/JRE/1.3/Welcome.html

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok, I found in another help thread here that it does not work with versions earlier than 1.4, and does not work with 1.5. So the only version can be 1.4?

      I tried finding 1.4 on the Java site, but everything there wants me to download 1.5.

      An idea for the rssowl site would be a minimum requirements page.

    • Benjamin Pasero

      Benjamin Pasero - 2005-01-30
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok, have not downloaded anything yet, but just visited a site that uses Java I geuss as I got the little coffee icon in the bottom right hand corner. When I double clicked on it, it says:

      "Version 1.4.2_04 (build 1.4.2_04-b05)"

      Also when I click on your link for 1.4.2, it says:

      "Error: The selected product(s) cannot be provided. Please help us resolve this error as soon as possible by e-mailing our support department (at the url of the preceding page along with the name of the product that you were trying to download.

      error: Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition, 1.4.2_07"


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