screen - 2013-08-09


I am monitoring news for a big spanish company called ACS (short for Actividades de Construction y Servicios but which is abreviated in 99% of the cases) for my work.

Because my google-news search query (which I subscribe to using RSSowl) has to be pretty generic in order to catch all relevant news, I also get a lot of junk. For example, there are tons of organisations worldwide which use ACS as an abreviation, such as the Australian Computer Society and Affiliated Computer Services. So I set up a filter to tag news with these phrases as SPAM.

My problem is that RSSowl also tags news as spam which contain partial matches of these phrases, despite the quotes I put arround the filter terms. In the attached screenshots you can see that the filter looks for the phrases Australian Computer Society and Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) in the news description, but also matches thing like Society and (ACS) on their own in the filter preview.

Although this particular news item does happen to be spam, according to my understandig of the help text ("Surround words with quotes to search for phrases") RSSowl should not match the word "Society" (which is not present in any other items of the filter).

Is this a bug or a feature? :)

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