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How to increase font size of news item titles?

  • Herb

    Herb - 2013-06-05

    I looked at all the font options (I think) under Tools > Preference but
    couldn't find an option for increasing the font size of the news item
    titles. Did I miss it?

    Thank you.

    Herbert Eppel

  • GODisaRefuge4Us

    GODisaRefuge4Us - 2014-03-08

    Hello. I'm new to RSSOwl and had the same problem. Here is what I learned:

    You must restart RSSOwl in order to see the font changes.

    "Feed Font" changes the font in the Feeds area (i.e, the window pane on the left side--default location).

    "News List Font" changes the font of news titles (in the "tab" window pane). This is the one you are after, I think.


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