Cengiz - 2013-10-04

I have 2 questions about RSSOwl (v2.2)
1. Why I cannot see some of the pictures on some feeds ? When you think to resolve this problem ?
2. I prefer to read the feeds on "Widescreen" view. In this view there ara 3 panes : On the left "feeds" pane. On the middle "title pane" and on the right "preview pane". When I choose a feed to read, I can see the titles but not the previews. To see the previews, firstly I must group the titles by stickyness, and then I must click on the "not sticky" title on the middle pane (titles pane). Or I must to switch from "widescreen view" to "newspaper view". Is it possible to solve this problem too ?
Thanks and regards.
(A RSSowl user since 3 years).