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  • Erik Ramfelt

    Erik Ramfelt - 2004-11-16

    I cant find any trace if you already discussed a global "Auto reload" for all feeds. Couldnt find anything in the FAQ anyway about it.

    Most other RSS feeds have an option to set the reload time for a feed to a value or use the default/global value. Setting a reload time for each feed is not really necessary when you probably have the same values for most of them. Since this is a so common feature in other feed apps, is there any reason for not being implemented or wanted?

    Since I just moved from feedreader, and imported my feeds, I dont want to go through them all to set them to a reload time.

    Perhaps you should be able to set a reload time for each folder,.... 10 min for news, 2 hours for normal blogs?

    BTW, I find the difference between subscriptions and favorites difficult to understand. As Ive understood the subsriptions is usefull when you want to share your feeds, right? From my POV, that is a feature that not all users wants, and perhaps it should be hidden until someone enables it. This would help new users and not very experienced users to not add something as a subscription. Or am I totally wrong here?


    • Anonymous - 2004-11-16

      Hi Erik,
      yes that''s right, a config to set reload-time for categories is not yet implemented. But next RSSOwl version 1.0 will come with an option to set how new favorites should behave (auto reload time, open on startup and so on). Any new favorite added to RSSOwl will then use that setting. So, in 1.0 set the auto-reload time for new favorites in Preferences, and then import your favorites. That should work. RSSOwl 1.0 will be released in about 2 weeks.

      Your second suggestion is right, I am thinking of chosing a better name for Favorites and Subscriptions. An option to activate Subscriptions is a good idea, you should open a feature request on that task,


      • Erik Ramfelt

        Erik Ramfelt - 2004-11-16

        New RFE 1067289 about subscriptions.
        Great to hear the other news about the feed updating!


    • Erik Ramfelt

      Erik Ramfelt - 2004-11-17

      BTW, im wondering if you are going to add an archive option to keep the feeds archived for a number of items or for the last X days. (Or have I missed such a feature)

      I always like to have my rss reader active during the night, so when I wake up in the morning I can go through everything that I might have missed.

      For instance Slashdot is a feed that only has 10 items in it, and if there are more than 10 items posted in the night, I will only see the last 10 items. Then I will miss some items that might be very interesting but got flooded out.

      Would it be very hard to implement such a feature?


      • Anonymous - 2004-11-17

        Yes that would be some work. For the future I might consider an implementation. It would require to change lots of internal parts to have a real archive that not only displays the latest news of a feed, but also earlier ones downloaded before.

        Feel free to open a feature request on this topic.


        • Nobody/Anonymous


          That was what I was expecting. But i just had an idea, if there was any RSS feed archive. One fake feed that would archive the news items from the real feed, and present the last 10-100 items.

          Some kind of cache between the feed and rssowl? So the cache will function as a real feed, but what it really does is to store all the items in its own dbformat. Rssowl would not have to change much since the interaction is the same, perhaps through the same interface. But then again, I havent looked at the code at all at the moment, so perhaps this is not achievable.

          This could be done as a seperate project/app, perhaps there are other applications that want to have an archive of rss feeds. Then rssowl could either use an external library or use the standalone app.

          What do you think?


          • Anonymous - 2004-11-18

            Well the idea is good, and I really would like to have a newsfeed archive that keeps a defined number of news stored. I think this is how most newsreaders do it, download new news like emails and store them. RSSOwl behaves a bit different unfortunately. I am caching once loaded feeds locally, but only the latest news, not more than that.

            I'd rather implement it by myself inside RSSOwl than use a thirdparty feed archive. I think its the same amount of work (integrating an archive compared to creating my own archive inside RSSOwl).

            Keeping in mind for future versions.



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