RSSOWL in fluxbox menu problem

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I use fluxbox as my Ubuntu window manager. I added it to my menu file with the command:

    [exec] (RSS-Owl) {sh /home/tim/rssowl_1_2_1_linux_bin/}

    It will not run, giving the message "Unable to access jarfile rssowl.jar"

    The sh command also will not work on the command line unless in the program folder. Is there a way I can get the fluxbox menu command to work? Thanks

    • Anonymous - 2006-06-11

      Someone suggested to change the to something like that:


      RSSOWL_PATH=dirname "$0"
      java -Xmx96m -Djava.library.path=$RSSOWL_PATH -jar $RSSOWL_PATH/rssowl.jar

      Does this solve your problem?



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