Authenticating proxy issue

  • Andy Pastuszak

    Andy Pastuszak - 2006-08-04

    I am trying to use RSSOwl at work. We have an Authenticating Squid proxy here and I get the list of available articles listed just fine when I plug in my proxy information into the software. My issue occurs when I click on an article to read it. I get prompted again for a password for the proxy with each article. Group Policy does not allow me to save my proxy password, so I end up retyping it every single time I try to read an article. Is there some way around this problem?

    I am on Windows XP SP2, and the proxy server is a Linux box running Squid, so we're not doing NTLM authentication...

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2006-08-06

      When you click on a News, does it try to open a webpage? How is your rssowl settings looking like?



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