Robert Paynter - 2013-07-09

So that I can sync' across different machines I have put the .rssowl directory into a Dropbox location and aimed the config.ini entry at it, eg (the workspace location)

I have done that on two Windows-7 machines and an Ubuntu machine at work and home and it is working fine. One thing that helps is that the edit of the config.ini file is identical for both, but you do need administrator/root access to change it. I expect that it's OK if they don't try to get at the same file at the same time so I am making sure I shut down RRSowl before changing machine.

There's a variety of cloud storage systems around (Dropbox,, Google Drive, Ubuntu1, etc), most are available on most phones - if you fancy trying with another check exactly what they do - I'm happy with Dropbox on PCs because I know it's behaviour now (after accidentally deleting things in the past).
Perhaps this could be a sensible way to do things in the future without relying on another feed service; to do it properly would need a step in the installer to pick the file space - perhaps the location that config.ini points to should actually hold the address of the final location so that users don't need to edit files in the admin/root zone and different users on the same machine could each use different storage - in the case of two of my machines the other users (family) don't use a feed reader at all so it doesn't matter that I have changed it unilaterally, but in a properly done system it would matter. When RSSowl is running it would need some kind of lock on the database while changes are made so that it could be left running on a different machine without worry.

RSSowl has 98% replaced what I did with google reader but all my ancient history of starred items got lost in the transfer process - they are still in the takeout files - I need a .json convertor.