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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Dear Sir,
    After several software RSS, yours filled me. I am French and does not speak l’ English and your software are amazing by his simplicity and his interface in French. Until now I used the reader of Opera 8. I allow myself to suggest you some possible improvement.

    • Possibility of posting flows of ego, the week or the day.
    • Possibility automatically of opening flows in the mitres.
    • Possibility of personalizing the bar of tool
    • Possibility of choosing the place or s’ post the notifications
    • Possibility of indicating the number of message by new flow or not read.
    • I hope to be clear because I translate all by a translator online.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Cordially,

      glad to hear that you are liking RSSOwl. Some of your suggestions are already posted by others in the feature section and part of my todo list.

      However, could you somehow explain these:

      "Possibility of posting flows of ego, the week or the day"

      "Possibility of choosing the place or s’ post the notifications"


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The possibility of posting flows per month weeks or aujourd’ today, it s’ acts to filter the posting of those. For example I take Opera 8 of which you will find a screen printing, the first c’ is for aujourd’ today, the second per month

      The possibility of the notification, c’ is the possibility of choosing l’ place or it one wants that the notification can be posted, bellow of the screen, or in the medium for example. You will find a screen printing of what is the notification.



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