how to convert rssowl.db to other data base like sql?

  • uner

    uner - 2014-08-19

    I am using Rssowl for about 1 month
    five days ago suddenly it broked and didn't work anymore
    i think it was because amount of database and when i cut old rss.db and runed program again it worked as good as old time
    my question is:
    can i convert old *.db file to another format?
    because it contains of a lot info and i really need it
    or any other solution to use it?

  • sg2002

    sg2002 - 2014-08-20


    RssOwl uses object-oriented db4o database. This means you have to use java if you want to move data from it to somewhere else. To move to sql you have to write a script yourself.

    Check the stuff in [FAQ] first. If this does not help and your database is very large, you can try running 64 bit rssowl.

  • uner

    uner - 2014-08-21

    thanks for ur answer but
    1-I don't know how to write a script
    2- FAQ -6 dosent work and problem exist yet
    3- I downloaded latest version 2.2.1 and still problem occurs

    if its possible I can send u error report

    thanks for ur response

  • sg2002

    sg2002 - 2014-08-22

    Yeah, error log would be nice.

    Also, are you sure that your problem repeats with backups? What os do you use? How large is your db?

  • uner

    uner - 2014-08-22

    yeah. problem repeats with backups, i think because i had to cut old db and now its working with new db
    i use win7
    my db is 1.5g
    i attached error report

  • sg2002

    sg2002 - 2014-08-26

    I mean have you tried putting backup db's instead of the old db? You db folder should have a couple of db backups. Just rename them.

    1.5 g is large enough to have problems... If you have a 64-bit machine and OS, you can try running 64-bit RSSOwl. I've posted my build here.


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