zheniery - 2012-10-25

I've seen the news about Pippa wearing leggings as pants... ha ha ha! And [url=http://www.thesellingvalley.com/2012-women-sexy-leggings-faux-lace-skinny-pants-p-243.html]skinny pants[/url] it makes me wonder - for example, J Crew's Pixie pants - in the J Crew picture, they are being worn as pants and they are called pants - but I have a pair of leggings made of the same material/same thickness.... [url=http://www.thesellingvalley.com/2012-women-kearo-rains-design-sweet-tight-pants-p-242.html]leggings for pants[/url] leggings as pantsso how is wearing the Pixie pants (as pants, say without covering your butt) any different than wearing leggings as pants?
And which brings me to a second question, is the "rule" different for work out clothes? Whenever I wear my Lulu wunder under leggings (full length) to pilates I FEEL like I should be covering my butt from http://www.thesellingvalley.com .