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  • Roger Altena

    Roger Altena - 2005-02-18

    Just tried your software, very nice, and I have a couple of quick suggestions:

    1. can the date format be based on user locale? I want to see d-MMM-yyyy as set up in Windows Regional settings rather than m/dd/yy.

    2. I'd like to reorder or hide columns by dragging, eg. see category before author.

    3. An optional toolbar would be nice for newbies. I'd like to see common buttons like Goto next unread, Mark all read, Check for new news etc on it.

    4. I'd like to be able to set up filters on content, so I can hide articles containing keywords (body of article or value in one of the columns in the table view).

    5. It's too hard to create a new top level category.

    I'll keep going, no doubt I'll find some more suggestions for you. I'm looking forward to trying 1.1.


    • Anonymous - 2005-02-18

      Hi Roger,

      1. The date format is used on the language that is chosen. Please open a feature request on this issue.

      2. Also an item on my todo list, but not for upcoming RSSOwl 1.1.

      3. A toolbar is included for RSSOwl 1.1. but it will not contain common buttons (its just the Quickview moving in there together with a Quicksearch. Please open a feature request on this issue, stating the items that should be included in the Toolbar.

      4. There are already some feature requests open based on news filtering. I am looking into this after RSSOwl 1.1.

      5. Really? Its two clicks and a title to enter, even Firefox and Thunderbird require this :)



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