[FR] Multiple profiles + A trick to get them

  • DavidM

    DavidM - 2012-02-22

    Apologies if this has already been suggested, I haven't found it.

    I would like to have multiple profiles in RSSOwl, the same way as Firefox or
    Thunderbird. Different profiles with different preferences, feeds, filters,

    Several advantages:

    -RSSOwl is surely great, but it is often not so fast, specially with large amounts of feeds and items. But you could split the database in smaller and faster parts using profiles.

    -As far as I know, RSSOwl can only sync to ONE Google account. Profiles would allow you to manage several accounts from one computer. In my work, I have some shared feeds with some other people, to read collaboratively through Google for a certain purpose; and I have other feeds that are for my own personal work only. Since RSSOwl can only sync to one account, that account has all of everybody's feeds. Profiles would allow me to have a "shared" profile synced to a common Google account, and a personal one synced to another.

    -User profiles for, well, different people on the same computer. :-)

    My dirty trick

    For your information, I am explaining how I made myself "user profiles" for
    RSSOwl at home. It's so stupidly simple that I won't even call it a "hack".

    In Linux, all program data is stored in folder .rssowl2.

    I made a backup of that folder and erased it. Then launched RSSOwl and started
    from scratch, adding some feeds, etc. It created a new .rssowl2 folder. So now
    I have:



    So I wrote a script that renames .rssowl2; renames the other folder to
    .rssowl2; launches RSSOwl; when the program closes, it renames both folders
    back to its original name. Something like this:

    mv .rssowl2 .rssowl2-temporary
    mv .rssowl2-backup .rssowl2
    mv .rssowl2 .rssowl2-backup
    mv .rssowl2-temporary .rssowl2

    I can have as many "profiles" as I want, writing a script for each profile
    that renames RSSOwl data folder and replaces it with the profile's folder. I
    have used this setup for some weeks with no trouble. I hope this could be
    useful for someone.

    Thanks for this great piece of software. I use it professionally for at least
    an hour every single day.

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2012-02-23


    According to
    http://www.rssowl.org/help#item_9 you
    can start RSSOwl with parameter -data followed by the path your Directory is
    stored in. I never tried it but it might help. If you create 2 (or more)
    different application launchers with this parameter, you have a easy way to
    start RSSOwl with different application folders.

    Another more complicated way would be manipulating rssowl.ini file, see

  • Anonymous - 2012-02-24

    Yes with -data you can have more than one profile. You can not have RSSOwl
    running from 2 profiles at the same time though.

  • DavidM

    DavidM - 2012-02-25

    That's great, I didn't know it. Thanks!

    Anyway, two things:

    1. How exactly should I run it? I'm passing a folder with a profile as parameter, but it's working as usual and reading .rssowl2. I'm trying this command, am I missing something, wrong syntax?:

      rssowl -data /home/menti/.rssowl-profile/

    2. Feature request: please provide some profile manager and selector within RSSOwl.


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