RSSOwl Does Not Remember What I've Read

  • James Wilson

    James Wilson - 2006-04-07

    I am monitoring some blogs with RSSOwl 1.2.1 that apparently have no time/date information. For example, Bruce Eckel's Weblog ( and Guido van Rossum's Weblog ( both appear to behave in a similar manner. The problem is that each time RSSOwl reloads those favorites, it shows all of their contents as being new (in bold) rather than only what I have not previously read. Is this an RSSOwl problem, or is this a problem with the newsfeed?

    • Jason Rumney

      Jason Rumney - 2007-09-19

      I have this same problem with "1.2.4 preview release 2007-08-02" and
      The feed contents do not change at all when I download with wget, so it must be down to HTTP headers?

      Also a couple of other blogs seem to show all posts as new whenever there is a new post, but that might be a problem with the feed.

    • Anonymous - 2006-04-08

      So does this reproduce this problem for you:
      1. Start RSSOwl
      2. Load one of those feeds
      3. Mark some news read
      4. Reload the feed


    • Anonymous - 2006-04-08

      I can really not reproduce running 1.2.1. Which version exactly are you using?

      Find that info in Help > About


      • James Wilson

        James Wilson - 2006-04-08

        I am using version 1.2.1...sortof.

        I have actually built RSSOwl from CVS source since the 1.2.1 release, and I have modified it to change the way the mailing of news tips is handled (and I hope to contribute this back when it is up to par).

        I can't reproduce this behavior now either. That is strange. I have seen this happen on other feeds (that have date information) before, but it appears to be random. I must have been lucky to get that behavior this time as well.

        How does RSSOwl determine what I have read? That might help me track this down.

        • Anonymous - 2006-04-09

          Strange, I actually have not received feedback from other users having similiar problems.

          There are some rules on which RSSOwl decides about a news being new. Most important fields for that are Title, Link, Publish Date and Guid.

          Very few feeds seem to update the publish date of News everytime, making them show as unread, since RSSOwl thinks the news was updated or rewritten.


          • Nobody/Anonymous

            I had that very same kind of problem but narrowed it down to the following procedure.

            Closing RSSOwl before shutting down Linux (I run a laptop) does preserve the read items

            Shutting down Linux without closing RSSOwl would make the errors as the first user encountered.

            • Anonymous - 2006-05-18

              The problem is that RSSOwl wants to save settings on a shutdown, but if the OS shuts down first, the time that is given for RSSOwl might not be enough.


    • James Wilson

      James Wilson - 2006-04-12

      Okay, I have narrowed the problem down somewhat I think (and there may not be anything I can do about it).

      I have a laptop that is my work computer. When I connect at work (after connecting at home), the news items that I have read the night before seem to be forgotten, and the items that I read at work, do not seem to be represented as "read" items at home.

      Does that make any sense or ring any bells?

      Since I am using Windows XP, I have searched the registry and looked in the Documents and Settings\<user>.rssowl directory, but there do not appear to be two copies of anything.

      Is there anything in RSSOwl that you think might cause this behavior?

      • Anonymous - 2006-04-12

        So, you are using the same computer at home and at work right?

        Basically, RSSOwl is not keeping the news. It is always just showing the news as they are served by the Feed. So over night, if there are many news in the Feed, it can be that these are gone.



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