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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for coming up with a great newsreader.

    After using it for a while, I notice that the following useful features, if added, may make RSSOwl an even greater tool:

    (1) Allow archiving of old news items until it hit a certain preset limit, e.g. 200 items.

    (2) Disable the auto-marking of items as read when you select it. Make it a manual operation. This will mean that multiple selection of news items has to be enabled too. Currently only 1 news item can be selected at any one time.

    (3) Allow option to display unread items on top of read items when a favorite is selected for reading

    (4) Allow a full-screen mode (e.g. by hitting F11) to only show the content of a single news item and hide both the favorite-tree and the headlines box. This is useful when viewing item with pictures, e.g. PostSecret.

    (5) Allow aggregated-favorite to be automatically opened when starting RSSOwl. This is currently only available for individual favorite.

    Have fun with RSSOwl! :)


    phi1618 at gmail dot com

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I have to choose another newsreader because one feature (an important one, I think) is not included in RSSOwl.

      Extract news from a/several category(ies) or a/several feed(s) is possible BUT the results cannot be saved as 'a virtual feed'.
      Extracting news from several and big feeds is useful (some feeds return more than 50 or more news per day... and when I should read several of them ...It's hard for me!!).
      By creating a 'virtual feed' with criteria and logical functions, it becomes easier to extract the interesting news only from these feeds to decrease the number of news I have to read.

      For example, this function is available in 'FeedReader' software...

      With this feature RSSOwl should become a really great newsreader.



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