Kai Huettemann - 2006-05-16


I've just started to use RSSOwl and I'm almost pleased with it. But there are two things that are really annoying.
First I would like to use tabs like in Firefox, i.e. a tab should only open if I want it to open (through popmenu or middle click). Basically I would like to see all news items in a single tab and open detailed or webbrowser view in a separate tab if needed. I definately do not want to open a new tab for every news feed like in the current implementation.
Second I would like to keep some old (read) news. I know that I can save news, but I would like to store them within RSSOwl. In clients like vienna I can delete news messages. Everything I do not delete is stored. I already found on this list that other users would like to have this feature aswell , so I second their wish.