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What`s the function of "invisibleShell"

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am a beginner in programing.Your project is my book.May I ask you a questiion about your code?
    What`s the function of "invisibleShell"?
    //in windows

    Display display=new Display();
    Shell invisibleShell=new Shell(display,SWT.NONE);
    Shell shell=new Shell(invisibleShell,SWT.TOOL);

    i test the code like this ,its result is the same
    as above code`s

    Display display=new Display();
    Shell shell=new Shell(display,SWT.TOOL);

    so,What`s the function of "invisibleShell"?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2006-03-20

      Thats right, there is no visual difference since I am using the SWT.TOOL SWT-Bit on Windows for the splash. Replace SWT.TOOL with SWT.NONE and run your code again. You can see that the splash appears in the taskbar. With the "invisibleShell" I wanted to avoid that.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you very much!


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