USM Support?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Wouldn't an important feature for the next version be USM support? USM stands for Universal Selection Mechanism and it is a great system for automatically loading new feeds into RSSOwl.

    I have a BIG problem with all those sites forcing me to start using specific Feedburner-type programs not compatible with generic RSS or RSSowl.

    What do all those guys think? WE DO NOT WANT THEM TO POLLUTE RSS with their proprietary systems.

    As an open source application I believe it is very important that we propose alternative to those. An example is the Business 2.0 blog: It used to be available as a simple RSS feed and not they force you to use Feedburner...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Here it is. I think it is fairly new but well known blogs such as business 2.0 support USM.

      I played with USM today and I have however to correct my message above: it will not solve the feedburner issue, we would need a different system -- maybe a completely new system (not RSS) instead.

      A few RSS readers supporting USM are listed on the page above. RSSOwl is not in the list.

      I'm going to have to think about all the feedburner issues. More blogs are using them everyday and it really pisses me off.


    • Anonymous - 2005-12-26

      Please point me to an URL reading more on USM.



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