Qustion and Feature Request

  • masterkey

    masterkey - 2013-09-11

    Req - I hope that you add "Prefetch" unread news like Feeddemon so It loads news faster.
    - It will be nice to add tags to items, so it will be easy to find what you want.
    Question - I want to keep my feeds as long as I can, How I can make this possible?
    - Where RSSowl save images cache?
    Thanks in advance

  • sg2002

    sg2002 - 2013-09-26

    You can keep feeds forever just by setting Properties\Clean Up for a particular feed.

    RSSOwl uses Internet Exporer in Windows and cache is stored with normal IE cache. If you're not using windows - it's stored with the bundled version of xulrunner I guess.


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