lisasusan - 2013-02-05

The days of serious speed freaks racing only on tubulars are gone. Rolling resistance tests have proven clinchers to be comparable to their tubular relatives and the outstanding carbon clincher aero wheel options are multiplying, making the practical advantages of running hooked rims even more attractive. [url=]carbon clincher rim[/url] The original leaders in aero wheels are upping their options and a potentially big new player has also introduced carbon clinchers for 2013.
[url=]carbon clincher[/url] The bike giant from Northern California isn’t new to wheel production, but the Roval Rapide CXR 60 is their first serious aero creation. Following the industry-wide trend to broad aero wheels, the Roval Rapide CXR 60’s brake track is 24.5mm across. [url=]carbon wheel[/url] The carbon clincher rims taper to a moderately sharp inner diameter, and the nipples are hidden in the rim.