Kersasp - 2013-07-03

Version: 3.7 for OS X

Whenever some embed in any feed's news-item (which is not even on-screen) isn't found, RSSOwl displays an alert-panel to this effect. First, this causes a slowdown in the app and a waste of the user's time. Second, in a country where YouTube or something else is blocked by (fanatical) authorities, you get a dozen-plus of these alert-panels (because YouTube embeds are so common) one after another after another, slowing down the app and greatly annoying the user who has to keep waiting and clicking 'OK'. You can't do any work and this renders the app nearly unusable. In a country like China where many websites are blocked leading to all kinds of embeds not loading, the app would be totally unusable. Non-loading embeds are not such a critical problem that an alert-panel must be shown; simply show the message that is currently displayed in the alert-panel where the embed should appear with suitable colours (red) or icons (skull, etc.)

Can this please be fixed?