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  • Aurangzeb M. Agha

    Any thought given to making RSSOwl a Java Web Start app?

    • Anonymous - 2003-10-01

      well I am not sure if it is possible to build a Java Web Start app that uses the native SWT graphic lib.
      I'll check if its possible at all...

    • Aurangzeb M. Agha

      Hi Ben --

      I did a bit of searching and came up with this article, which might help:

      Deploy an SWT application using Java Web Start

      If you think the idea has legs, let me know and I'll post an RFE.

    • Anonymous - 2003-11-01

      Java Web Start seems to need an Apache Tomcat Server to run. Don't have access to any tomcat server, sry :(.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Eh? Who told you that? As long as you can have a proper MIME type for .jnlp, it can be done on any webserver.

    • Anonymous - 2004-04-11

      Yes, found it out later. I think having a 3 MB Java Web Start makes no sense compared to simply download RSSOwl and double-click on the executable.

      Java Web Start is good to have a quick look on small projects. Its unsuitable for SWT.

    • Anonymous - 2004-08-19

      I too would like JWS for RSSOwl -- simply because it so dramatically improves software distribution across a lot of workstations.

      As to your 3M concern, it only downloads your .jar if it's changed, otherwise it uses the cached version.

      You open to an RFE on this?

      • Anonymous - 2004-08-19

        If there is anyone able to bundle RSSOwl in JWS, I would love it!

        Feel free to open a RFE on this topic, there does not seem to be one yet.

        • Erik Ramfelt

          Erik Ramfelt - 2004-09-20

          Ive actually just done it. The only problem is the build process of the SWT binaries, since the jars containing them must be signed. Ive played around a little with a JNLP file that contains the swt for Windows, It should not be a problem to do it for linux or other dists.

          I think a webstart icon at the start page is a must, then ppl can try it out very quickly. The best part is that you will always get the latest version, no more checking the latest version etc, just click and run.

          Are you signing your Jars now?

          • Anonymous - 2004-09-20

            Hi Erik,

            great to hear that. I would love to have a box including links to JAWS for RSSOwl Win, Linux, Mac and Solaris on startpage.

            No, I am currently not signing any Jars and I have never read how to do so.

            I am now going to release RSSOwl 0.9b. Maybe we could set up JAWS for 0.9b? Please let me know what to do and how :)


            • Erik Ramfelt

              Erik Ramfelt - 2004-09-20

              Sure, it would be fun to have it working.

              I was looking in the rssowl.jar file. The great thing with webstart is that you only need to retrieve the jar files that has changed. So if you update the rssowl jar, you will only have to get that jar file. The xerces/swt jar files wont be retrieved unless they have changed. Therefore I think it would be suitable to have one rssowl.jar and several lib jar files. This shouldnt be a problem, right?

              Another problem is the signing of the jars, im not 100% sure on whats the standard way to do it. Ive only done quick and dirty things to get it up and running. But I know some other sf projects that is signing their jars, so I will have a look at their build process.

              Do you use ant for your build process?

              • Anonymous - 2004-09-20

                Well, the rssowl.jar is containing any other library in it. So, when a new version of rssowl is out, one would have to download the entire rssowl.jar to use it.

                I think that is ok, since RSSOwl JAWS should only be an online-demo and should not replace a version installed on a PC.

                I am using ANT to compile and deploy RSSOwl, yes. It is responsible to create the rssowl.jar (called build.xml in the source directory).

                I am delaying the release one day to tomorrow afternoon.


                • Erik Ramfelt

                  Erik Ramfelt - 2004-09-20

                  Im curious why you would like to make it an online-demo only? Why not make it an alternative to download the zip, unpack it, click on exe. With the webstart you can even get a start menu entry without any hassle (if the user would like so)

                  Since the webstart will handle all libraris automatically (defined in jnlp file), I dont see why not make use of it? Doing so would lessen the download time when the RSSOwl program is updated.

                  I will put together an Ant file for building the webstart. On the SF (or where you have the files) you should create a webstart folder. In this folder you need to put the JNLP file (which you link to from the webpages), the jar(s) and icons. BTW, do you have a larger version of the icon? The JWS will show the icon when starting the program, (before it displays the splash screen).

                  I will try to complete the windows in a few hours, but probably need some help for testing the linux version.

                  • Anonymous - 2004-09-20

                    The biggest icon is 128x128 that I am using for the Mac version, just let me know what size you need, and I'll send it to you.

                    If you are able to, feel free to write a new ANT target that creates RSSOwl placing all libraries outside the rssowl.jar in a "lib" folder. Then it would be possible to update only those files with JAWS. I think that is a good idea.

                    Not sure about JAWS being a replacement for a real download. I must admit that my knowledge about JAWS is very limit. Does it create a folder with all contents that is clear to the user, easy to find? Is there some sort of uninstaller? How to execute the JAWS without being online?


                    • Erik Ramfelt

                      Erik Ramfelt - 2004-09-21

                      Ah, I didnt find that 128x128 icon, I only found the 32x32 icon. Ok, I will try to use that icon and see what happens :).

                      Ok, I finished a webstart that ran the full rssowl jar file, but I think splitting the files up is a good idea. I will finish the full rssowl version first, though.

                      JWS is not really a replacement of downloaded binaries, it just helps people to get started quickly. Of course you should still supply binaries so ppl can put them where they want etc.
                      The JWS will download the files into your home path, for windows it is "C:\Documents and Settings\EMatsson\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\javaws". It is not really easy to find, but you are not supposed to find it there. You should really use the JWS application that comes with every JRE. In this JWS you can update the programs, go to the homepage, uninstall it and add it to your start menu. So yes, it has an uninstaller but it will not remove your saved configuration files.

                      I ran the JWS version of RSSOwl, and it found my old configuration files in the home path, so that was very nice to find.

                      You can define a JWS to only be allowed to run online , but you can at the same time let it run offline. Since it already has all the necessary files to run, it wont be a problem.

                      Anyhow, as I said. I fixed a JNLP file and an ANT build script. Where can I put those?

                      • Anonymous - 2004-09-21

                        I have just send you three big RSSOwl icons, maybe you can use one of them.

                        Could you upload a package of RSSOwl in JAWS, or zip and mail it so that I am able to upload those on RSSOwl's homepage?

                        Nevertheless I am now uploading RSSOwl 0.9b, we should then use that in JAWS.



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