I was directed to RSSOwl thanks to a Neowin article.

Upon following the URL to Rssowl.org I noticed the logo that this application uses. I would just like to say WHAT A GREAT LOGO you have, :-) it's very firefox, thunderbird of you, its almost like RSSOwl belongs to the family of applications that firefox, thunderbird are.

I wonder if you could bundle them together some how. They would all look great in there own start menu folder much like the MS Office applications. LOL ;-)

Keep up the great work

PS, I am being a bit sarcastic, but either way just give my thanks to the logo designer for making a logo that really really complements the application and on some deep level I think draws from the firefox. Thunderbird styling even thou they are completely different apps.

PS x 2, this is in no way to get the lawyers after you!!!!, in fact I better shut my mouth now.. ;-)