entities in title displayed wrong

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm using the latest Version 1.2.3

    HTML enteties in the titel are displayed wrong. (While Description is fine with the same content.)

    If the title sourcecode is
    & #86;& #101;& #114;& #116;& #101;& #105;& #108;& #101;& #114;& #32;& #50;& #53;& #32;& #45;& #81;& #117;& #97;& #108;& #105;& #116;& #38;& #35;& #50;& #50;& #56;& #59;& #116;& #115;& #109;& #97;& #110;& #97;& #103;& #101;& #109;& #101;& #110;& #116;& #45;
    (I added spaces because the browser wouldn't display the sting correct otherwise)

    The title should be:
    Verteiler 25 -Qualitätsmanagement-

    The title actually is displayed as:
    Verteiler 25 -Qualit& #228;tsmanagement-
    (I added a space here as well.)

    Changelog sais that something was corrected: #941551 Titles read from feed don\'t convert xml entities
    But im my case it still isn't fixed.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Maybe, but why is it displayed correctly in the description?

      Couldn't RSSOwl be tollerant anyway (even if it's wrong encoded)?

      • Anonymous - 2006-12-11

        The Description area makes use of a real web-browser. Browsers are able to replace entities with their real characters as well as the XML parser is. So what happen is basically:

        1.) The Title of a News is something like "&ö"
        2.) RSSOwl's XML parser transforms this into "ö"

        3.a) Any non-browser will display it as "ö"
        3.b) Any browser will do another replacement and show it as "ö"

        As you can see, the double-encoding of entities is simply wrong, so there is not much I can do on my side.

        I will look into this for the future and see how much work it is to add some repair-steps while processing the XML as long as its not affecting the performance noticeable but I can not guarantee anything.


    • Anonymous - 2006-12-06

      Could you please post the link of the feed that shows this problems?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        It's quite an internal site, but I uploaded a faked samplefile to:
        ht tp://www.kue per-fam ily.de/text.xml

        (Remove the three spaces; I inserted them due to spam protection.)

        Hope this helps,

        • Anonymous - 2006-12-08

          Hm, if you view the feed in Firefox, it is displaying

          Verteiler 25 -Qualitätsmanagement-

          as RSSOwl is. Could it be that you are double-encoding entities? That is, each
          entities '&' is encoded as entity as well? This is a very common mistake in handling
          XML content.


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