megachirops - 2013-06-24

I've been looking at RSS readers and have pretty much settled on RSS Owl. There's really just one thing that I think would make it the perfect reader for me.

After testing it out for a while now, I find I have a tendency to want to shift back and forth between headlines/list layout and the newspaper layout a lot and the one thing I'd love to see is a Widescreen Newspaper layout where the newspaper version of the current feed is displayed in the right-hand column and selecting an article in the middle column just jumps to that article in the newspaper (instead of the current behavior of displaying just the selected article). I realize you can sort of accomplish this by changing the layout via the pulldown, but it'd be really nice to have access to both at the same time.

That way you can quickly glance down the list of articles if you're in a hurry or slowly scroll down the newspaper if you have time for a more detailed study of the articles.

I realize this is probably a bit of a corner-case as far as usage goes, but if it's not too difficult I think it would make a nice addition. It could even just be an option on the current Widescreen layout instead of a whole new one.

Anyway, thanks for listening and Nice Work! :)

widescreen newspaper

Edit: Ok, I've figured out that the ability is almost there. If I Group the news articles I can click on one of the group headings and I get a newspaper display of the news in that group. It would still be nice to have some more options for what's displayed in the right-most column though (like "All", "All Unread", etc.) Thanks again for a great app!

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