Very nice work wirth 0.9b

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Wow great news we now have 1.7 working with rss!. Brillient work.

    Nice to be able to export mulitple pdfs straight from the feed.

    Rss now has basically everything i want.

    Dunno if this has asked before. But is there any plans to maybe implementing google translations service or maybe babelfish ?
    I like to read some of the indymedia rss feeds that arn't in english.

    Just a suggestion.

    keep up the great work

    Dylan D.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-09-28

      Hi Dylan,

      thanks :)

      That google translations is an interesting idea, although I am not quite sure how to implement something like that into RSSOwl. Feel free to open a feature request on that topic here:



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