Allow the DB to be compacted (currently the i

John Es
  • John Es

    John Es - 2010-07-24

    It's something the developers have to implement on their end:

    The guys over at stackoverflow said this: "db4o Defragment will do what you
    want. You should run it with the RSSOwl sources in the CLASSPATH. You may like
    to ask the RSSOwl guys to include Defragment in their product. It's really
    easy for them. It's just 3 lines that they have to add to their code and one
    more menu item for their app"

  • Future Force

    Future Force - 2010-08-23


    After reaching ~300MB RSSOwl trashed my disk like crazy. Tho everything was
    marked read and set to autodelete file size just grew. I had to export, delete
    everything and import to get my slick responsive RSSOwl back. Please fix :)

  • BNL

    BNL - 2010-12-07

    !MESSAGE An internal error occurred during: "Back-up service".

    com.db4o.ext.Db4oException: File '%USERPROFILE%.rssowl2.metadata.plugins\or
    g.rssowl.core\rssowl.db.onlinebak' not available for readwrite access.


  • Anonymous - 2010-12-17

    db4o defragment is not working reliable. rssowl has something very similar
    when you run tools clean up, however the version of db4o we use is not
    shrinking in size. this is a flaw that might be fixed by updating to a newer
    db4o version. Our nightlies use a newer version but that hasnt been tested
    enough yet to call it good.

  • Bzzz

    Bzzz - 2013-05-30

    Any news on this? I'm hitting 2 GiB total size of the .rssowl2 directory soon. It sometimes takes 15 seconds to mark a feed as read...on a 256GB Samsung 830 SSD! That database must be trashed as hell :/


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