Is this the right tool for us ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi !

    I'm writing here for a professional need.
    We've coded HTML pages in order to build an intranet, and now, we have too many pages to manage (I'm the only one to take care about everything -graphics, links, general menu, site map, etc...-).
    I've thought about installing a CMS, but it's probably too powerful for the moment.
    In order to simplify my life, I wonder if replacing the "news page" by a RSS/system is a good starting point ?
    These are the requirements :
    - present in an HTML page and in a RSS feed the last (say) 15 news
    - keep an historic of all the news published
    - possibility to look for a string easily in that "database"
    - edit news easily too. The question is : "how ?".
    I'd like to have an admin page for all the RSS-plublished-news : modify, add, delete, etc...
    - and moreover : I need a system of moderation (I'm not the one who upload the pages to the intranet server).

    So... is RSS the right technology for me ?

    Thank you for your answers.


    • Petrock

      Petrock - 2006-01-04

      I'm not sure if RSS would work or not. It may, but I'm not sure. The features you have described, though, sound a lot like a bulletin board. You might want to take a look at the boards on They have bulletin boards of all different interests. Take a look and see if the feature set is what you're looking for.


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