html code in rss feed

  • hello,
    it seems it is valid rss but some feed contains html tag which are not easily readable in the news panel.

    Would it be possible:
    - either get rid of the html tag and leave only the text.
    - or render the text using the html tag
    - or render the text using only some of the most used html tag like <p> <br> <strong> <a> and discard the others

    • Yes, HTML is (unfortunately) allowed and spread in lots of newsfeeds.

      "...get rid of the html tag and leave only the text":

      I was just fixing a bug on the latest version that caused HTML tags not being stripped from the text. Normaly RSSOwl removes simple HTML tags (like p, br, b) from the text automatically. I was also already thinking of a solution to remove all tags from the text, but I did not find a suitable, easy solution to perform this operation yet. If there is a library available that allows this operation in a fast way, please let me know (you could also open a RFE to track this feature and let others know about it).

      "...render the text using the html tag":

      This is possible in RSSOwl on Windows and Linux. Just enable the "Browser view". The hotkey is "Ctrl+B". This will switch the news panel into a browser that renders the text of the viewed news. The hotkey allows to quickly switch between HTML rendered and normal news.

      "...render the text using only some of the most used html tag..."

      Unfortunately SWT RSSOwl is using does not provide a lightwight browser widget (as for example Swing does with a HTML panel). So in any case, the system browser wrapped into a SWT-panel has to be used (which is not yet possible on Mac).


    • Could rssowl use xhtmlrenderer ( for displaying feeds?

      " a 100% Java library for embedding rich XHTML and CSS content in desktop applications. It currently supports most of CSS2.1 including tables, forms, the box model (borders, backgrounds, padding, margins), lists, advanced selectors, images, and text formatting (fonts, italics, vertical alignment, etc.)."

      • Nice idea, but XHTMLRenderer seems to use AWT/Swing to render HTML. RSSOwl is using native SWT, I would not very much like to have AWT/Swing display render the HTML.
        Did you find out about the internal browser that renders HTML if activated? Just press Ctrl+B or select it from the "Window" menu.