Stay on top option (checkbox)!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Stay on top
    (also mentioned by me here:

    What I need and searched very hard was a checkbox,
    which you can activate and which forces the RSS-Reader
    to stay on top of the desktop, whatever happens! Why?

    Only this way, I can insert my new RSS-Feeds into my
    reader with just [B]a simple drag and drop!![/B] Don't know why so many Readers miss that most important feature!

    • Matt Goff

      Matt Goff - 2005-06-14

      If you're using Windows, you can click-drag the link, hover over the RSSOwl box on the taskbar (which will bring RSSOwl into the foreground), and then drop normally into the app.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Good point. A problem of such an option is, that it would require RSSOwl to restart, just to have the "on top of all" look. Afterwards, RSSOwl would have to restart again, to restore the normal behaviour. For sure Matt's way is a lot faster then.

        But I am interested, what you are trying to do? RSSOwl is not, yet, allowing to Drop Links from another Browser. I am currently looking if it is easy to support Firefox.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for your points, especially concerning Matts Idea.
      I use most of my programs minimized in the taskbar. It would be okay for me to maximize RSSOwl once, if I know, I will have to add more than one feed to the aggregator.
      If I have to do this, it is normally a hell lot of work (I look for as less as possible to do concerning RSS ;)) to open the +add Dialogue, copying the .xml hyperlink, inserting it, clicking okay, and that for many feeds. Might be stupid because after the organisation of my feeds this won't be necessary again so often, but is it so complicated to force the aggregator to stay on top? ;) Of course all I said is going up from the thought that drag and drop is possible. I mention it here, because most of the other feedreaders doesn't please me really and it seems as if here a lot of engaged work is done about such concerns! :) It was just my view on usefull design / featuring and I would be very pleased if you could integrate this feature together with the drag and drop in the next version of RSSOwl!

      • Benjamin Pasero

        Benjamin Pasero - 2005-06-27

        The DND feature will be in for RSSOwl 1.1.3. It allows to drag and drop links from Firefox/Mozilla into RSSOwl.

        The stay-on-top feature wont make it in, as it requires some more work. And I still dont see why you cant have RSSOwl and Firefox placed next to each other and then drag links from there into favorites?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Oh, don't you know the problem?!
      If you want to drag and drop, the window will get under the browser. I am not surfing with half a window but with a full! ;)
      For all those people (which are the most except of the geeks!) it would be better this way. To scale RSSOwl and get it out of the traybar, all this as described above.
      The problem itself is caused by Microsoft Windows (XP Professional only? ;)), because if you want to drag&drop a feed or sth. else into taskbar, there is an error message that this will not work! Any idea to get this message/problem off?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        You can't drop the link directly on the taskbar, but if you hover over the RSSOwl section of your taskbar, it bring that window to the front and you can then drop the link inside the RSSOwl window.



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